(photo:: disparity between BIP, wages (black) and money quantity (yellow), due to interest based financial system. source>>)

…with google,
what else? search for “keynes”, the worlds most famous economist and his principle of “carrying costs” that he used to describe the effort it needs to keep money liquid and moving. you’ll find in his main(?) work about economy that he acknowledged that the proposals of some money reformers like silvio gesell to put a tax on money liquidity instead of an interest rate where right and were feasible.

John Maynard Keynes
The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money (Chapter 17):
“…those reformers, who look for a remedy by creating artificial carrying-costs for money through the device of requiring legal-tender currency to be periodically stamped at a prescribed cost in order to retain its quality as money, or in analogous ways, have been on the right track; and the practical value of their proposals deserves consideration.”

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